About us

Who We Are

Designed thoughtfully. For everyone on the run, to wear it day in and day out. 

Sets that are perfect to wear to a workout but also super easy to throw on an overshirt or blazer to wear as your fit for the day. 

Our Story

Hi everyone, we’re Andrea and Valeria, two sisters that have always dreamed of creating something meaningful together. When locked down hit we realized we wanted to create a brand we’ve always dreamed of but somehow could never find. A workout brand that had great quality but was accessible to everyone. We wanted pieces that were versatile, effortless and timeless, perfect to run to the gym but then head to the groceries after, that’s when we decided to create nonstop. For everyone on the run, to wear day in and day out. 

We wanted to create something that suited everyone, no matter what their lifestyle looks like. Pieces that are thoughtfully designed to be worn every day, to your yoga class, morning walk, dropping your kids off  to school or running errands.“

Core Values

Quality / we’re committed to offering quality pieces at an accessible price point. 

Inclusivity / our products are for everyone and anyone 

Accessibility /  our products are accessible to everyone